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Target is a Rabbit Hole….

I would like to first apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. That’s it, just an apology. No excuses. Okay, on to some business…. Now it may just be me (hopefully… Continue reading

Grab Jessica Alba’s H&M Coat!

Jessica Alba Style & H& Coat by nanaslifeblog featuring high waisted jeans H&M , $23 / H&M , $77 / Topshop high waisted jeans / Miss Selfridge nude pumps / Uniqlo colorful scarve… Continue reading

Taking a Cue from the Boys: Grammy Edition

Taking a Cue from the Boys: Grammy Edition by nanaslifeblog featuring a chevron dress Chevron dress / Uniqlo short sleeve top / H&M jacket, $47 / Black and white blazer, $53 / Mango… Continue reading

Cool shades

Sunglasses by nanaslifeblog featuring heart sunglasses Quay sunglasses / Jeremy Scott round sunglasses, $440 / Heart sunglasses / Sunglasses / Sunglasses / Black optical / Wayfarer style sunglasses / Cat Eye Sunglasses at… Continue reading

easy vintage feel t-shirt tutorial

vintage feel t-shirt by nanaslifeblog featuring vintage tees Vintage tee There are a few things that feel better than a worn-in shirt. I take pleasures in the little things in life. Now, you… Continue reading

oh no I ‘wool-n’t’

Winter Coats by nanaslifeblog featuring a trench coat Yumi duffle coat, $76 / H&M leopard print coat, $55 / Forever 21 pleated coat / Forever 21 jacket / Uniqlo short trench coat /… Continue reading

Wedge Sneakers, vegan options!

First thing first. Thank you to all that have ‘liked’ and/or started to ‘follow’. Love! Okay, now on to some serious business. Wedge sneakers.¬†At first, when I heard of ‘wedge sneakers’ I had… Continue reading

Rants & Raves: American Eagle Jeggings

Well here we are! The very first Rants & Raves of NanasLifeBlog! Rants & Raves will basically be reviews on items I’ve purchased and tried. I’ll ‘rant’ or ‘rave’ about them… get it?… Continue reading

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