Cool shades

Sunglasses by nanaslifeblog featuring heart sunglasses Quay sunglasses / Jeremy Scott round sunglasses, $440 / Heart sunglasses / Sunglasses / Sunglasses / Black optical / Wayfarer style sunglasses / Cat Eye Sunglasses at… Continue reading

Easy Dessert Idea (GF/Vegan)

  I found the original recipe here. I kept everything the same, except I switched out the dark chocolate for (vegan/gluten free) chocolate chips from Enjoy Life.     -M  

Gym Essentials!

Gym Essentials by nanaslifeblog featuring sports bras Adida / Lucas Hugh sports bra / Sports bra / adidas nylon handbag / Tote bag / ‘victory Team’ Duffel Bag / Beauty product / Beauty… Continue reading

super easy gluten free/vegan oatmeal banana cookie…

Boy, that was a really long post title! I love easy, I love cookies. I’ve seen a few variations to this two-ingredient cookie, some call for 1 banana, and others call for 2… Continue reading

diy facial sugar scrub

diy facial sugar scrub by nanaslifeblog on Polyvore It is bitterly cold here in NY, and the last thing I want to do is go outdoors. SO on days like these I would… Continue reading

must have vegan cosmetics

vegan makeup by nanaslifeblog featuring tarte mascara Foundation / Waterproof eyeliner / Blush / Tarte mascara / Face powder / Makeup I don’t know about everyone, but personally, I am very picky about… Continue reading

easy vintage feel t-shirt tutorial

vintage feel t-shirt by nanaslifeblog featuring vintage tees Vintage tee There are a few things that feel better than a worn-in shirt. I take pleasures in the little things in life. Now, you… Continue reading

oh no I ‘wool-n’t’

Winter Coats by nanaslifeblog featuring a trench coat Yumi duffle coat, $76 / H&M leopard print coat, $55 / Forever 21 pleated coat / Forever 21 jacket / Uniqlo short trench coat /… Continue reading

Wedge Sneakers, vegan options!

First thing first. Thank you to all that have ‘liked’ and/or started to ‘follow’. Love! Okay, now on to some serious business. Wedge sneakers.¬†At first, when I heard of ‘wedge sneakers’ I had… Continue reading

Rants & Raves: American Eagle Jeggings

Well here we are! The very first Rants & Raves of NanasLifeBlog! Rants & Raves will basically be reviews on items I’ve purchased and tried. I’ll ‘rant’ or ‘rave’ about them… get it?… Continue reading

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