challenge accepted: oatmeal edition

oatmeal challenge

Let’s just say that if my sister was in charge of the FDA and I had a restaurant she would promptly shut me down. You see, my sister is a BIG stickler for expiration dates… me? eh, if it’s sealed and still smells/looks good, then it’s fair game. Well, imagine her horror when she stumbled upon a (sealed) package of rolled oats that had an expiration date of FEB 22, 2013! I had two choices, throw out (the perfectly good) bag of oats or use them all up….. challenge accepted!


First up, a batch of mini oatmeal raisin cookies. I made those yesterday and they were all gone by this morning. After I finished the batch of cookies I looked at the leftover oats and realized I hadn’t even made a dent, so next up were the oatmeal banana muffins. Now, these could have turned better, if it weren’t for a slight mix up between baking soda and baking powder (woops). I still had about 2 cups of oats left and quickly looked up any breakfast ideas for the next day (since I was a bit tire from the baking, and the cleaning… doesn’t it seem that sometimes the cleaning takes more energy then the actual baking?) I can honestly say that the banana oatmeal pancakes from this morning were the best pancakes I’ve ever had…. ever! They didn’t even need much agave.



Recipes coming up….