Taking a Cue from the Boys: Grammy Edition

Taking a Cue from the Boys: Grammy Edition
Hands up if you watched the Grammy’s last night! I got to say I thought it was one of the best Grammy’s in a few years. Taylor Swift was adorable, and um did she do a british accent? Or was it the imagination of millions of One-Directioners? All in all I think the celebrities did stick to the dress-code, unless they went by the name Jennifer Lopez (was it a dress or a jumper?). One of my favorite performance (my favorite was probably Frank Ocean) was Wiz Khalifa & Miguel, I absolutely loved what they were wearing! Since the line between men and women’s fashion is blurry, I figured why not interpret their outfits from last night for us gals…. I mean if Kanye can wear a leather skirt then all is fair in fashion.
Hope you’re all having a great Monday!
ps. Justin Timberlake is  back! … and the teenager inside of me is way too excited!