Wedge Sneakers, vegan options!


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Okay, now on to some serious business. Wedge sneakers. At first, when I heard of ‘wedge sneakers’ I had horrible flashbacks to my middle school days, when I idolized the Spice Girls and they wore these-


I believe Isabel Marant started the recent trend with her high top wedge sneakers which can retail for over $600 (say what?!). Now If you’re willing to spend some serious dough for a pair of shoes then by all means do BUT for those of us who are more fiscally responsible/broke/ or don’t wear leather/suede (check, check, and check) then good news, there are plenty of vegan options out there! I own a pair of Wanted, which retail for $69, however I purchased my pair at Century 21 for $34. (below is a picture of the pair I own). I absolutely love them! So comfortable I think I could even run on the treadmill with them (I promise I won’t).


If one of the pairs from the collage have caught your eye, then click on the links below.


1. black/white/red : this particular pair appears to be sold out but I would double check.

2. teal/beige:

3. pinks/beige:

4. floral pattern:

5. grey:

6. black:

7. laced up:

Many of these websites offer different color options.

Happy Shopping!

– M

ps. If you’re looking for a particular style/color pair that will fit your budget, leave a comment below and I will more than happy to help you find one!